Top Electrical Improvements: Upgrade Your Recessed Lights To LED

April 6, 2023


Living Room Ambiance Upgraded with New Lighting | Jason Wright Electric

Lighting upgrades bring out a room’s colors, details, and other design elements. But did you know updating your recessed lights to LED bulbs can improve your electrical system too? LED lighting is a great way to enhance the ambiance of your living or work space both beautifully and efficiently while serving as an electrical upgrade as well.

Want to improve your home’s interior and electrical design? Or trying to add value before listing your house for sale? Then upgrading your recessed lights to LED bulbs is a sure way to accomplish both goals. Let’s shine a light on why LED bulbs are a better (and cheaper) option for homeowners. 


1. Improved Efficiency and Eco-Friendly

With the help of energy-efficient LED bulbs, the average household can save on their monthly electric bill. In addition to saving cash, upgrading from old, outdated light bulbs to LED lighting can save the environment too.

The amount of electricity we use daily greatly impacts our environment. Reducing your environmental footprint can easily be solved by installing LED lighting in your home. Even better, LED bulbs don’t contain harmful chemicals, making them less toxic to the environment (and your family, too!).


2. Refined Design

Getting the right lighting placement right can be a challenge. Fortunately, recessed LED lights are very thin, allowing them to be installed virtually anywhere on your ceiling.

In addition, LED bulbs can have dimmable options. Sometimes, full-blast lighting doesn’t fit an aesthetic or the atmosphere. Whether you prefer soft mood lighting or a flood of white light, this LED lighting can suit your needs.

The Jason Wright team can also install a light switch dimmer, so you can control the brightness in any room. Even better, dim lights consume less energy!


3. A Dynamic Solution

Depending on the style and overall color of the recessed LED lights you’re looking for, there are hundreds of options to choose from. LED bulbs can be used for a wide variety of lighting needs, including outdoor flood lights or indoor light fixtures. With many shapes, sizes, and colors, LED bulbs are an extremely versatile choice for every space in your home.

Will LED lights fit your design aesthetic? No need to worry! Today’s modern LED bulbs closely match the color of the traditional incandescent recessed lights you’re used to. As an added benefit, many lightbulb manufacturers have created indoor recessed LED lights that appear similar in shape to traditional bulbs. This makes it easier for homeowners to opt for LED bulbs without the fear of decreased visual appeal.

4. Ease of Installation

LED recessed lights are a breeze to install! LED lights are compatible with most electrical systems, meaning you won’t need to worry about replacing your current wiring to get the upgraded look and feel.

Many homeowners also worry that updating their lighting may mean replacing the insulation in their ceiling. But not when installing recessed LED lights! Modern homes are built with more insulation layers in their ceilings, reducing noise transfer and increasing fire safety. Since LED bulbs have almost no heat output, they do not require insulated boxes or “tin cans” to keep incandescent bulbs separated from the insulation. It’s a win-win!


5. Longer Lifespan

Recessed LED lights are designed to last about 50 times longer than traditional incandescent recessed lights, which means less maintenance and less time spent replacing burned-out bulbs. The lifespan of an LED is simply unmatched by other types of lighting. Your typical recessed LED light can last approximately ten years based on twelve hours of use per day!


Recessed LED Lights Can Make All the Difference

Upgrading your lighting to recessed LED bulbs saves money, achieves your ideal interior design, and reduces your environmental footprint. If you’re looking to replace your current lighting with new LED technology, the Jason Wright Electric team will ensure every detail of your lighting project is executed with excellence from start to finish. 


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