Electrical Redesigns For An Energy Efficient Home

December 1, 2022
A technician installs energy efficient windows

Homeowners depend heavily on electricity for many daily functions, from overhead lighting and charging electronic devices to cooking with appliances. To power everything necessary, extensive electric work is housed behind your home’s walls, including a vast network of circuitry that connects to hundreds of various components. With so many different wires processing at once, your home is likely experiencing energy inefficiency.

Homeowners have many options as they consider implementing efficient energy systems with subtle electrical redesigns. By switching to a more economical energy system, you’ll save money, your home will be more comfortable, and your energy bill may see a benefit too! Let’s explore.


Professional Energy Assessment 

Electric work is complex, and you should only attempt to assess your own electrical system if you are an electrical expert. Jason Wright Electric has a team of skilled professionals trained in evaluating electric systems in homes of all ages. Since defects can lead to inefficient energy processes, this step is crucial to implementing efficient energy systems in your home. 

After an assessment, one of our Jason Wright technicians can notify you about any existing damage or offer recommendations to further improve the electric work. After all, there are always innovations in electrical work that can enhance your energy systems.

Energy Systems for Your Whole House

Whether building a new home or upgrading your existing property, optimizing home energy efficiency may require a whole-house systems approach. Ultra-efficient homes are equipped with state-of-the-art energy-efficient construction, new innovative appliances, and modern lighting. Depending on your home’s structure, you can consider incorporating solar heating and cooling and efficient landscaping strategies. This solution also helps to reduce home energy use and make things as cost-effective as possible.

Energy-Saving Devices

Many of our everyday devices have been redesigned with innovative, modern technology to increase energy efficiency. Consider how investments in these devices or new systems will lower electricity bill costs and save energy:

  • New appliances
  • Inverter air conditioner
  • Low operation mode for modern devices like consoles, phones, and computers when they are not in use
  • Replace lighting in your homes with LED bulbs
  • A Cool Roof
  • Use energy efficient window panes
  • Install low-flow aerators on faucets and shower heads


Minimize Consumption

Turning lights off or unplugging chargers when not in use may sound routine for many. But many homeowners still may not realize how many sources they leave operating. 

Consider the chargers used for your phones, laptops, and other devices. For example, if you leave the charger on even when no device is connected, that charger will still consume electricity. In addition, leaving your fans, lights, and screens on when you are not in the room can also result in unnecessary electricity consumption. We recommend disconnecting any unneeded devices to eliminate needless energy usage.


Clean Devices Often

It may sound simple, but cleaning your devices frequently can be a huge game-changer for efficient energy systems in your home. By cleaning your appliances and devices regularly, you can ensure your energy systems remain efficient. Dirt and dust buildup can create an unintentional insulation layer on electrical appliances. Devices and wires automatically produce heat when operating, but cool themselves down once they are no longer in use. Dirt and dust increase the heating effect, which can lead to electrical faults and prevent your energy systems from being fully effective. A little dusting goes a long way for your energy systems.


Energy Systems: How We Can Help

Taking care of your home is more than cleaning out the gutters or replacing the batteries in your smoke detectors (although those are important tasks!). Ensuring the internal walls of your home are safe and unfaulty will keep your electrical bill low and energy efficient.

The Jason Wright team delivers exceptional, personalized service to residences throughout the Kansas City metro area. When you work with our team, you can rest assured you’ll know every detail of your electrical project is met with excellence from start to finish.

With our mission at the core of everything we do, we’ve created a company that is proud of our roll-your-sleeves-up approach to electrical work. As your Electrical Concierge, we’re here to help you with an electrical problem. Contact us today for more information.