Your Guide to Improved Home Lighting

December 12, 2022
Living room with bright lighting

Personalizing your space and updating your home’s overall aesthetic can be impactful. Not only can these updates convert a typical house into a home sweet home, but they also allow your space to stand out. Enter upgraded home lighting. 

Interior design is much more intricate than your decor style and placement of furniture. The most important aspect of interior (and exterior) design is your lighting choices. Lighting has the power to set an ambiance and mood. For example, cozy and warm lamp lighting may create an atmosphere of relaxation, while a bright overhead light may allow for a vibrant and welcoming feel. 

Choosing the proper lighting for your home is significant for a homeowner, since lighting is the key contributor to the ambiance of your space. Improved home lighting is essential for portraying a well-designed atmosphere. Let’s explore how to choose the perfect lighting for your home and the vital role electrical components play in keeping your home bright.


The Purpose of Lighting

The first step in improving your home lighting is determining the use of light in a particular space. Are you looking to install more light to brighten up your room? Do you want more subtle light? Do you need targeted task lighting?

From a design standpoint, your entire house shouldn’t have the same light style. For example, you likely won’t want as much overhead light in your bedroom as you have in the kitchen or in your bathrooms. Check out our complete guide to specific room lighting

Understanding the purpose of the light allows you to make smart electrical decisions as well. No one wants too many fixtures crowded in one room — including your circuit breaker! Instead, you’ll likely want the minimum number of light fixtures possible so you don’t put too much of a burden on electrical components, and ensure you don’t experience frequently tripped breakers.


Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

It is essential to understand the most likely pitfalls of home lighting so that you can successfully avoid them.

When you picture your beautifully lit room, you may not consider where shadows will lay. Shadows may render the underlying purpose of a light useless. For instance, if you install a light at the wrong location in a bathroom, a shadow might be cast on your mirror, making it inconvenient for you to get ready in the morning. Even worse, you may compensate for shadows by adding more lighting, which can be inefficient for your electrical components (and also a drain on your utility bill).

Secondly, it is common for homeowners to make the mistake of using the wrong size fixture. The size of your lamps and chandeliers should complement the rest of the interior decor. For example, if you have a small dining table but the pendant chandelier above is massive, it wouldn’t garner the same response that you wanted, and there may be too much light cast in a small area. On the other hand, a small reading lamp won’t do justice in a space where you intend to entertain.


Lighting and the Electrical Components Involved

Lighting is one of the most influential ways to upgrade your home’s overall aesthetic and feel. But dealing with electrical components can be tricky (and even dangerous) if you’re not skilled in that area. If you’re ready to create an improved space with new lighting choices, call Jason Wright for help with electrical work!  

The Jason Wright team is proud to deliver exceptional, personalized service to residences throughout the Kansas City metro area. When you work with our team, you can rest assured we will handle your electrical project with excellence from start to finish. 

Our company takes a roll-your-sleeves-up approach to electrical work. As your Electrical Concierge, we’re here to help you with any electrical problems, lighting included. Contact us today for more information.