Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Ambiance

October 17, 2022
Living Room Ambiance Upgraded with New Lighting | Jason Wright Electric

Homeowners are always searching for new and unique ways to create the perfect atmosphere throughout their home. To achieve that desired aesthetic, many tactics to upgrade the at-home ambience include home decor, organization tactics, and paint colors. Although adding these personal touches can help elevate your ambiance to a certain extent, proper lighting plays the most crucial role in creating your preferred atmosphere.

The lighting in your home serves as more than just a light source. Different types of lighting have the power to create a certain feeling, vibe, ambiance, or aesthetic throughout your home. Ensuring that the various lighting types are correctly utilized and accessible for different occasions can also improve a home’s overall appearance.

As electrical work and lighting design has improved significantly in recent years, modern options have become available to homeowners looking to enhance illumination. Here are just a few ways that lighting updates to your home can quickly upgrade the ambiance:


1. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting (also known as canned lighting/canned lights or downlights) is flushed with the ceiling and features metal housings. These tend to be a popular choice among homeowners because the light source is not visible but can completely transform a room’s illumination.

Recessed lighting adds to the room’s overall ambiance, making the room feel warmer, cozier, and brighter. This specific type of lighting lends itself to minimalistic, contemporary design, which is suitable for any homeowner who prefers a modern aesthetic.


2. Dimmers 

Whether you’re hosting guests or enjoying a quiet night in, programming your lights on a dimmer can ensure any situation has the perfect ambiance. Why? It’s all about flexibility! With a dimmer or smart light switch installation, homeowners can control the amount of lighting in any room with just a touch of a finger.

Low-level lighting makes a space feel more intimate, particularly in a living room or bedroom setting, where a high level of light is ideal for welcoming and hosting guests. Using a dimmer lets homeowners directly control the ambiance of a room. (Bonus: Lights on a dimmer are perfect for movie nights and watch parties when all eyes are on the action!)


3. Light Bulb Color Temperatures

The color temperature of a light bulb refers to the appearance and amount of light displayed by a bulb. The color temperature emitted from each bulb can affect the look and feel of your space. Typically, a fluorescent light gives off a warm, soft glow, while LED bulbs release a bright, radiant light.

The bulb color temperature homeowners choose is typically based on lighting preference for each room. For example, it’s more likely that a softer light is used in a bedroom while a kitchen or bathroom demands a brighter tone for safety and functionality.


4. Accent and Pendant Light Fixtures

Creating your desired ambiance in a room often involves having a focal point. This has led many homeowners to gravitate towards pendant and accent lighting for kitchens and dining rooms. 

Accent lighting can also spotlight or showcase a particular piece of decor or a unique architectural feature of the home, such as exposed brick or stone. Pendant light fixtures tend to shed light on a certain area, including dining tables, kitchen islands, or countertops. 


5. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and creative way of adding ambiance to your kitchen or bathroom. Under-cabinet lighting is a great option for including more light in your space while making it look upscale. 

In addition to overall attractiveness, under-cabinet lighting also promotes safety when preparing food on your countertops. It’s a crucial feature in your kitchen to avoid any cooking accidents.

How We Can Help Upgrade Your Home’s Ambiance

No matter your objective, style, or budget, lighting is one of the most influential and quick ways to uplevel your home’s overall look and feel. If you’re ready to create a more inviting space, it’s time to call Jason Wright for help with electrical work!  

The Jason Wright Electric team will ensure every detail of your lighting project is executed with excellence from start to finish. For over 25 years, we’ve built a reputation for being Kansas City’s Electrical Concierge — taking care of all your home’s electrical work with superb communication and care.

Whether you know precisely the lighting updates you want, or you’re not sure what lighting changes you need, we’re here to bring it to life. Contact us today to experience our excellent customer service, upfront pricing, and top-notch electrical work! It’s time you feel your desired ambiance as soon as you flip the light switch.