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Remodeling your home can be a very exciting project as a homeowner. While there’s the end result to look forward to, you know that remodeling your home includes a lot of planning and many moving parts to get it done right. Electrical work is almost always a part of that planning in both small and large capacities.

If you’re remodeling your home, consider how electrical systems play into your plans. If you’re not sure when and where a certified electrician would be helpful for your plans, we always recommend you call! As your Electrical Concierge, we’re here to help you and answer your questions. After all, we’re all about customer service.

Electrical Remodeling Services We Provide

Install GFCIs

What’s a GFCI you ask? The acronym stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, which are designed to automatically shut off electricity in the item that is plugged in if it comes into contact with moisture. This is a safety feature that is highly relevant to your family’s needs. In fact, some building codes require that these are installed.

Additional Outlets

Whether it’s regular outlets or USB, if you’re increasing the functionality of your home, you may want to consider adding more outlets. As your family’s needs change and as your home becomes more integrated with technology, additional outlets allow for more convenience. We help you strategize where the most effective placement will be for your ultimate use and then install to your ultimate satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Home’s Power

If you’re expanding your home’s electrical system, it’s possible that you may need to upgrade your power. Some panels, usually older, are equipped to handle a set amount of circuits. As with many things, older panels become unreliable and can even stop working. Let Jason Wright Electric upgrade your panel and its capacity for electrical service.

More Energy Efficiency, More Savings

Having a smart home can also simply mean having an efficient home. Updating your electrical system to create more energy savings is another aspect of your home’s remodeling plan that you might not have considered before.

Upgrade a Doorbell and External Lighting

Today’s technology can be so useful! With high-tech doorbells that allow you to see who’s at your door at any point and external lighting, homeowners have so many options at their fingertips. We can help you update an existing system or help you install an entirely new system!

If you’re looking to remodel your home to make it ‘smarter,’ having an electrician who cares helps you know that everything was installed properly from start to finish. That’s the customer experience we deliver.

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“I used Jason Wright Electric for our kitchen remodel. They showed up on time each day and were very friendly, professional and hard working. Their website says that they care about their customers and that’s not just a tag line. That is truly the way Jason runs the company. From Jennifer in the office, who is super friendly and is great at her job, to Glen, Ron and John who were the electricians, they all excel at customer service. I will definitely use Jason Wright Electric again!”

– John, City, State

“Had trouble keeping the doorbell working at the daughter’s new house…John came to the rescue! He discovered that the transformer had been incorrectly wired. That explains why the previous owner was using a battery/wireless doorbell. It’s all wired correctly now!”

– Gary, City, State

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