Increase Your Home Value With Simple Lighting Upgrades

September 13, 2022
Man Installing New Lightbulbs on Fixture | Jason Wright Electric

If you’re looking to increase home value or simply want a bright refresh, lighting can make a dramatic impact! Adding stylish lighting fixtures, smart light switches, or new ambient lighting in your home can significantly update any room’s aesthetic and create a spacious, welcoming atmosphere.

Not only will updating your home’s interior or exterior lighting can make it a more pleasant place to live, it’s likely to also increase home value. Potential home buyers are rarely drawn to dark, gloomy rooms with dated light fixtures — but bright, modern,  spaces . Here are several ways to increase your home’s value with upgraded lighting.


Upgrade Exterior Lighting

One of the most efficient ways to increase the curb appeal of your home is by improving your landscape and exterior lighting. Landscape lighting will instantly make your home stand out among other properties in your neighborhood and enhance the overall appearance. If positioned correctly, exterior lights will make the unique architectural characteristics of your house stand out more than ever, helping to increase home value. 

In addition to improving the appearance, there are also many functional benefits to landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting can promote safely and protect your home from criminal activity, including robbery and vandalism. Having a well-lit front and backyard (especially around doorways and windows) will prevent criminals from approaching your home unnoticed. And don’t overlook safety for yourself, your family, and your guests. Just think back to the last time you were fishing for your keys in the dark with arms full of grocery bags, or when you were expecting evening guests for a dinner party. Exterior lighting can help ensure everyone is safe and comfortable as they enter your home, an added bonus to increase home value.

Another functional aspect of exterior lighting is increased usability. With proper outdoor lighting, you can use your yard space long after the sun sets! Picture a bonfire with your neighbors on a crisp fall evening, or playing fetch with the dog before bed. It’s all possible with the right external lighting upgrades.


Upgrade Bathroom Lighting

Updating bathroom lighting is one of the quickest ways to make a huge difference in a smaller space. Brighter spaces always look larger and cleaner than dark ones, so even swapping bulbs to a higher wattage can make a difference. It’s a small way to uplevel your bathroom space and increase home value.

Replacing an old fixture with a new one is a relatively DIY-friendly project, but adding lighting is definitely a job for the pros! Choosing to add more lighting — especially sconces on either side of your mirror, or an over-mirror light where there isn’t one — will recoup most of the investment and significantly improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Plus, it will make morning routines much easier!


Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting upgrades are essential for higher resale value. The kitchen serves as the heart of the home. It’s where families gather for meals or where you host your guests. The sight of a well-lit kitchen can completely mesmerize buyers. 

Consider adding proper layering to light up each corner of the kitchen and LED light bars underneath cabinets. Not only do they brighten a space, but they amplify functionality by illuminating the countertops and meal prep areas. You can even choose to update the style by replacing your ceiling fixtures with something more modern, like a drum light with geometric cutouts. In addition to making mealtime more fun and elevating your entertaining, upgraded kitchen lighting can certainly increase home value.


Upgrade Living Room Lighting

Similar to the kitchen, living rooms are a space that utilize multiple types of lighting and where families and guests gather. In addition to the task and accent lighting of the kitchen, homeowners who make use of ambient lights in the living room can create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re looking to upgrade your living room lighting to increase home value, a particularly helpful strategy is what’s known as “light layering.” With light layering, you incorporate lighting layers in such a way to make the primary use easier and more enjoyable. For example, for movie/TV watchers, dimmable lights may be the best option, but for entertainers, bright lighting is more practical. Layers of lighting can create a space suitable for anything.

Whatever customizable option best suits your needs, layered lighting in the living room can be a huge bonus for your family, as well as for those considering purchasing your home in the future.


Increasing Home Value is Just a Call Away!

No matter your objective, style, or budget, upgrading your lighting is one of the most influential and creative ways to change your home’s overall look and feel while adding value to the home. If you’re feeling bored by the lighting in your space or you’re looking to sell in the future, it’s time to call the experts at Jason Wright Electric! The Jason Wright Electric team will ensure every detail of your lighting project is executed with excellence from start to finish. For more than 25 years, we’ve built a reputation for being Kansas City’s Electrical Concierge — taking care of all your electrical needs with superb communication and care.

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