Electrical Home Renovations: Additional Outlets, Home Rewiring, and More

March 3, 2023

Regardless of your home’s age, any home with a faulty electrical system can be a potential hazard to your safety. Not only can electricity issues pose dangers like power surges and blackouts, but these issues can also become life-threatening in the form of electrical fires and shocks. If you are renovating your home, consider upgrading your electrical system. A new electrical system will improve safety standards and boost usability and functionality throughout your home.

Whether you are planning to remodel a newer home or renovate an older home, it’s crucial to ensure your electrical system adheres to ever-changing guidelines and safety standards. If you’re weary of investing, remember that electrical system upgrades boost your property’s resale value and add a new ambiance to any room. 

Here are the most popular electrical system projects to consider for your home. 

Essential Electrical System Upgrades for Your Home Renovation 

Your electrical system keeps your home powered, safe, and efficient. With many daily necessities (lights, appliances, air conditioning, etc.) requiring power, most homeowners would say their electrical system is one of the most critical aspects of their home.

Our team at Jason Wright Electric is here to make your home safe, modern, and comfortable. Explore the electrical system upgrades that will take your home from drab to fab in no time! 

1. Modern Outlets

In a world of smartphones, computers, and many other electronic devices and accessories, keeping track of charging cables and their wall adaptor companions can be a hassle. A simple solution to this issue is to install USB power outlets. Equipping your outlets with USB ports allows you to conveniently charge your mobile devices and tablets without clogging up your outlets and causing a potential power surge.

Another crucial element of a home renovation is the addition of GFCI outlets. These innovative outlets automatically cut power to the source when they come in contact with moisture. A GFCI monitors the balance of electrical current through a circuit, so if the power goes where it shouldn’t (like in a short), the GFCI immediately cuts off the electricity. We recommend GFCI outlets in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoors.

2. Smart Lighting

As technology advances and becomes more intelligent, more homeowners are adding “smart” devices to their homes. One of the most common is smart light switches! These modern switches have become essential aspects of home automation.

A smart light switch is different from a traditional light switch because it can directly control the connected devices. These can include hardwired appliances, fans, and, of course, lights. 

Personal preferences of how to utilize smart light switches vary from home to home, whether you prefer to use voice commands or a tablet to activate your smart light switch. 

3. Electrical Panel

Even if your home is only a few years old, your electrical panel may need an update to keep up with your family’s needs. Although you may not notice any issues with your electrical panel, it’s important to have it serviced and reviewed often to ensure everything is working properly. 

If you choose to install a new electrical panel, you can power your home without the fear of overloading your electrical system or encountering any issues. A home renovation also often leads to opening up walls, which could also lead to the need for reworking your home’s electrical wiring. 

4. Brighter Lighting

Proper lighting can have a remarkable effect on a room or an interior. Modern lighting can create the ambiance you’ve always wanted, rather than opting for expensive renovations to modernize your space. 

New lighting can improve so much about your house, from its architectural appearance to the cozy feeling you get every time you flick on the light switch. A quick lighting installation is sure to freshen up the space entirely. 

5. Surge Protectors

Protecting your wide range of electrical devices, including refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, computers, and more, is vital! Because we rely on these devices so much, we must protect them with a whole-house surge protector.

To protect your appliances and electrical system, it’s best to use a layered approach. A whole-house surge protector is the first line of defense. By installing a surge protector, you can protect not only your devices (and your family) from dangerous electrical hazards.

Electrical System Services Experts

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