Smart Light Switches Give You the Ultimate Control

July 18, 2022

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As technology advances and becomes more intelligent than ever, more homeowners are adding “smart” devices to their homes. These innovative devices and appliances perform tasks that ultimately save homeowners energy, money, and time. It’s a win-win!

Smart light switches have become essential aspects of home automation. Learn how smart light switches work and why you may want to consider incorporating them into your home.

How Do Smart Light Switches Work?

A smart light switch is different from a traditional light switch because it controls the devices it is connected to. These can include hardwired appliances, fans, and, of course, lights. 

Smart light switches can also be controlled remotely, through a smartphone app or remote control. Personal preferences of how to utilize smart light switches vary from person to person and home to home, whether you prefer to use voice commands or a tablet to activate your smart light switch. 

Here are four features offered by many smart switches:

1. Voice-enabled activation 

Use a device such as the Google Home, Amazon Echo, or another home smart speaker to turn on your smart light switch.

2. Programmable timing

Lights may be set to turn off at bedtime each evening, or a coffee maker may be set to turn on at a certain time each morning. The options are endless! 

3. Mood lighting based on activity

Whether watching a movie, reading a book, or working, smart light switches can activate mood lighting. You can customize the lighting style to your activity and preferences.

4. Remote monitor and control

Remote monitors can check on your home and adjust the temperature while away. (Just imagine turning down the A/C when you land at the airport and then arriving at a cool house!) You can even unlock a door for a delivery or service with your smart light switches!

Traditional Light Switches vs. Smart Light Switches

While smart light switches tend to be more expensive than traditional light switches, they offer several benefits that make them worth the investment:

  • Convenience: Smart light switches can be controlled anytime and anywhere, as long as there is a WiFi connection. For example, if you are running errands or traveling, lights or appliances can be turned off to save energy (and money!). In addition, lights can be turned on remotely at night for increased security and safety.
  • Multi-device integration: If you want to automate your home, integrating smart light switches is the first step! Most smart light switches can connect to several devices for a more convenient living experience. For example, a smart light switch could be programmed to turn on the lights in the evening or play classical music at dinner.
  • Cost savings: Smart light switches are great for efficiently regulating lighting, heating, and cooling, as well as appliance usage. This increased efficiency will result in significant energy cost savings! 
  • Security: Some smart light switches can be connected to security systems for increased safety measures when homeowners are home and away. Many video doorbells, cameras, and motion sensors can be linked to a smart light switch.

Upgrade to Smart Light Switches!

If you’re considering installing smart light switches in your home, the Jason Wright team is here to help! As your home becomes “smarter” and more integrated with technology, smart light switches allow for more convenience and better efficiency overall.

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