Electrical Troubleshooting: When to Call an Expert

November 7, 2022
Person Turning On Light Switch | Jason Wright Electric


When your home appliances, lights, and HVAC all run on electricity, electrical problems are inevitable regardless of the age of your home. While electricity is an essential part of our everyday lives, it can also cause dangerous incidents if issues are left untreated. 

You can safely avoid hazardous mishaps by taking precautionary measures and proactively addressing any irregular electrical malfunctions. So how do you know when it’s time to call an expert? Let’s dive in.


Common Residential Electrical Problems 

Calling an expert can mean the difference between a dangerous outcome and a safe resolution. Explore the six most common residential electrical problems that may indicate it’s time to call the Jason Wright Electric team for repair.

1. Light Switch or Light Fixture Complications

Light switch malfunctions are a common electrical problem, and there can be several reasons why. First check the light bulb to confirm this isn’t just a minor issue. Is the bulb burned out and in need of replacement? If it’s not burned out, is it installed correctly? If the bulb is not properly attached to the fixture, whether a lamp or ceiling fan, it will not function correctly.  

After assessing the bulb and confirming it is properly affixed, you’ll need to check your home’s breaker box. If the breaker has not tripped either, it is clear that there is another electrical problem that will likely require an expert’s assistance. Keep in mind: Trying to tinker with other electrical components to fix this problem can be very dangerous. It’s wise to opt for a professional opinion.

2. Power Surges

A fluctuation in power and sudden electrical surges can be a sign of a lingering electrical problem in your house. Even though they’re short-lived, power surges can be caused by faulty electrical appliances, damaged wiring, and problems in your power line. 

If you are experiencing frequent power surges in your house, you must call an electrician for an inspection. Installing a whole house surge protector can help you avoid power surges in your home!

3. Voltage Sags/Brownouts

Voltage sags, or brownouts, are abrupt voltage reductions typically caused by an overload of an electrical motor. Voltage sags can occur for many reasons, including turning on several big appliances simultaneously, an outdated electric panel drawing too much electricity, or faulty and damaged wiring. 

You will need a professional electrician to sort out this problem before it causes a dangerous short circuit.

4.Tripping Circuit Breaker

The primary purpose of your electrical panel is to conduct the electrical flow throughout your home. If one particular area of the house is using more electricity than the circuit can manage, the breaker targeting that area will trip automatically. Tripping cuts the power supply to that area to save your house from a serious accident, like a fire outbreak. 

If you notice a breaker continuously tripping, even if there is no load on the circuit, it is imperative to call an electrician for help.

5. Frequent Light Burnout

If you’re constantly flipping on your light switch to discover your light bulb is burnt out again, it might be time to call an expert. Too much wattage on one switch can indicate the insulation is very close to the light source, and a loose connection in the socket can overheat the light fixtures.  

Do you feel like your lights are burning out more quickly than they should? Or have you noticed that you’re replacing lightbulbs more frequently than you used to? Contact a qualified electrician, like the Jason Wright team, to solve your problem.

6.Dead Outlets

Electrical outlets connect your electrical devices and appliances to the power grid. But when an outlet fails — even when the power is working in the rest of the house! — it means this outlet is dead.

Dead outlets are not only annoying, but they also increase the risk of a fire breakout. What causes a dead outlet? Typically, if a breaker trips or excessive heat melts a wire, it can result in a poor connection and a dead outlet. While it may be tempting to simply plug the device into a working outlet, it’s still critical to call for expert help. For dead outlets, seek an electrician’s service and get the dead outlet repaired.


Common Residential Electrical Problems

If you’re experiencing one of these electrical complications, the Jason Wright team is here to help! We strive to deliver exceptional, personalized service to residences throughout the Kansas City metro area. When you work with our team, you can rest assured you’ll know every detail of your electrical project is met with excellence from start to finish. 

With our mission at the core of everything we do, we’ve created a company that is proud of our roll-your-sleeves-up approach to electrical work. As your Electrical Concierge, we’re here to help you with an electrical problem. Contact us today for more information.