Four Bright Ideas to Liven your Living Room Lighting

July 1, 2022

Farmhouse Style Living Room with Hardwood Floors | Jason Wright Electric

The proper lighting can have a remarkable effect on a room or an interior. Few things date a home more quickly than old, shabby lighting (hello, shiny brass chandeliers). Even with modern and stylish decor, an ugly pendant light in the center of your ceiling negatively impacts the overall aesthetic of your home. 

But on the other hand, beautiful and modern lighting can create exactly the ambiance you’ve always wanted! Rather than opting for expensive renovations to modernize your space, consider updating your living room lighting. 

New lighting can improve so much about your house, from its architectural appearance to the cozy feeling you get every time you flick on the light switch. A quick living room lighting install could freshen up the space entirely. 

Here are just a few ways that updates to your living room lighting can quickly enhance the look and feel of your home:

1. Modernize Your Aesthetic

Coziness is key in the living room. From entertaining friends to quiet evenings with family, great lighting makes your living room a space everyone enjoys. The room may feel cramped and rather dark if you have shorter ceilings. Adding contemporary, soft lighting makes your living room feel inviting and warm. If you have high ceilings, a sizeable lantern-style pendant will bring comfort to make your space feel more intimate. 

Be sure to select pieces that complement your current style and design. A similar color palette and matching metallic finishes will allow the new lighting to blend with your existing space while providing a fresh design appeal. This is particularly important if you’re updating only some lighting fixtures, as you’ll want to ensure your home remains cohesive. 

2. Add a Pop of Color

Sick of boring, dull neutrals? Or looking for a little something to spice up your space? Use your lighting to add a pop of color! Implementing subtle colors in your light fixtures can add the perfect boost, whether you’re going for a traditional, farmhouse, bohemian, or modern style. 

Include a fun and colorful pendant light for a sleek, playful look. If you’re worried bright colors may overwhelm your space, try lighting pieces with shiny metallic finishes. Adding new and vivid living room lighting is an effortless, sophisticated strategy to upgrade your color palette and increase the appeal of your home.

3. Give Your Space Character and Purpose

The right living room lighting can create character and purpose for your room. Is it a TV-focused space where friends gather for the big game? A family-friendly living room where kiddos and dogs congregate on the couch? Maybe it’s an entertaining space where friends are always welcome for a fun evening? Living room lighting can help add character and purpose to the area. 

Lighting should be designed for your room’s purpose. For example, a modern chandelier is ideal for upscale entertaining, while recessed lighting is excellent for a media-focused living room. Accent lighting, like fun pendants or whimsical pieces, can add a pop of color or spruce of personality! Not sure what kind of lighting fits your needs? We can help!.

4. Create Spatial Divides

To divide an open concept area into distinct “rooms,” or to open up an area of your house, different lighting techniques and fixtures can help create spatial divides. Although trendy, open floor plans require a bit of extra effort to distinguish among living, dining, and cooking areas. Installing new lighting can help differentiate the rooms by centering lights over each area you want to separate.

Quick tip for creating spatial divides: Use a longer hanging pendant over a dining area to separate the dining room from the kitchen. Use flush mount lights for your living room lighting to make it feel more welcoming and relaxing.

Our Team Can Brighten Your Home

No matter your objective, style, or budget, living room lighting is one of the most influential and creative ways to change your home’s overall look and feel. If you’re feeling bored by the lighting in your space, it’s time to try something new! 

The Jason Wright Electric team will ensure every detail of your new living room lighting project is executed with excellence from start to finish. For more than 25 years, we’ve built a reputation for being Kansas City’s Electrical Concierge — taking care of all your electrical needs with superb communication and care.

Contact us today to experience our excellent customer service and upfront pricing! It’s time you feel right at home as soon as you flip the switch. We look forward to serving you.