Trendy Living Room Lighting Ideas

May 3, 2023

Living rooms have many uses — yet we often rely on one central light source that doesn’t change based on the mood or the setting. Your living room can be used as a space to relax and unwind or a place to entertain, and it’s important to have lighting that can illuminate the room accordingly. 

Lighting is an essential building block to creating your ideal aesthetic in your living room. Whether it’s a peaceful movie night or a lively dinner party with guests, your chosen lighting should be adaptable to each purpose and task. 

As you plan and design your living room lighting, begin by looking for a way to create the perfect atmosphere for different occasions. Let’s create your dream living room atmosphere with the perfect lighting ideas for your home. 



1. Layer Your Lighting

Adding layers to your lighting is often a great opportunity for homeowners looking to incorporate a new design feature in their living room. Many modern homes have recessed can lights or one type of overhead lighting. 

In order to create a space that accounts for all activities and moods, you’ll need to layer your lighting. Use an overhead light for brightness, lamps, and wall lights for ambiance, and drop lights or spotlights to highlight a certain area. No matter the aesthetic of your space, whether it’s an ultra-modern or cozy farmhouse design, layering is key to a successful scheme.



2. Add Drama

A contemporary ceiling light or vintage piece will add a splash of drama to your space. Look for designs that incorporate fun colors, opaque glass, and sculptural shapes to create the utmost interest. A stylish and trendy living room light is sure to create a one-of-a-kind feel in your home.



3. Mix and Match

New living room lighting trends are steering towards a less symmetrical design aesthetic. Mix-and-match lighting is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Sticking to a certain theme or color palette but choosing different lighting pieces is an excellent idea for all design types. 

Mix-and-match lighting can also vary from room to room, giving you more design power in the overall look and feel of your home while creating interest in various spaces throughout your home.



4. Opt for Multi-Functional Options

Multi-functional living room lights are a must for high-tech homeowners. Many modern lamps have USB plug-ins or built-in speakers for practicality. In addition, ceiling fans with lights included are popular living room features, especially during the summer season. A fan can regulate a room’s temperature and keep you cool and comfortable while you relax or entertain.



5. Smart Switches

As technology advances and becomes more intelligent than ever, “smart” devices are the newest trend for living room lights. These innovative devices and appliances perform tasks that ultimately save homeowners energy, money, and time. A smart light switch is different from a traditional light switch because it controls the devices it is connected to. These can include hardwired appliances, fans, and, of course, lights.

Smart light switches can also be controlled remotely through a smartphone app or remote control. Smart lights feature voice-enabled activation, programmable timing, mood lighting, and climate control!



6. Track Lighting

A popular choice in the 1980s is back in style! Track lighting is a sleek multi-light system that mimics the look of recessed lights without the installation process. Track lighting looks great on low rows of wood-beamed ceilings (another popular design trend in 2023!).

Track lighting can be used with LED light bulbs, which saves you money on electricity costs and is known to last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Track lighting is also perfect for creating both warm and cool light, which is great for any occasion.




Take Your Living Room to the Next Level

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