Modern Light Fixtures For Your Home Remodel

May 18, 2023

Man Installing New Lightbulbs on Fixture | Jason Wright Electric

During a home remodeling project, it can be easy to get caught up in the visual aesthetics and added functionality you’re adding to your space. New paint colors, fresh decor pieces, and high-tech features tend to have an immediate impact on a room and the overall feel it provides. However, you can’t overlook a key aspect of home remodeling that significantly influences space and how it’s used: New modern light fixtures. 

Insufficient lighting can make a space feel cramped, inaccessible, and outdated. However, proper lighting creates a warm and bright ambiance, sets the right stage, and heightens the atmosphere, making it an essential piece to any home remodeling project. 

Choosing the appropriate modern light fixtures to suit your home’s lighting needs and style is the first step in perfecting your home renovation. From pendant lights and recessed can lighting, tp surface mounts and chandeliers, there is an ideal option for every room in your home. Let’s shed some light on today’s modern fixtures!


1. Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are installed in small pockets across the ceiling and can provide an accent, ambient, or task lighting. This type of lighting works well with low or high ceilings and can aesthetically suit any room in your home, from living rooms and bedrooms to offices and bathrooms. Recessed lights are also typically used in overhanging structures, including patios and porches since they provide ambient outdoor lighting.



2. Pendant Lights

One of the best ways to build your space around different functions (games, movie night, conversation, etc.) is with pendant lighting! Start by curating a plan for what you want to use the space for. Then, experiment with placement, wattage, and design style to find the right combination of modern light fixtures to perfect your vision.

Since pendant lights are designed to hang from the top of the ceiling, they are often attached to the ceiling by a chain, pipe, or metal rod. Pendant lighting provides brighter illumination than other modern light fixtures, making them an ideal choice for rooms where you usually cook, read, and study.



3. Mounted Lights

For those of us who aren’t as brave when exploring new interior design trends, it’s tempting to rely on traditional light styles and fixtures. You might immediately resort to a single chandelier fixture over the dining room table, recessed lighting in the hallway, and sconces in the entryway. However, you can get creative without venturing too far from your comfort zone! A popular new trend involves grouping multiple mounted lights to achieve the same overall effect as a single brighter piece.

Wall-mounted lights are affixed on a flat wall and extend outward from the surface. They often direct light in various directions and add a stylistic element. Mounted lights come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to shine different light patterns against a wall. These lights are a great solution for both indoor and outdoor areas, including living rooms, dining areas, porches, patios, and walkways.



4. Smart Lights

Smart lighting systems are professionally installed and connect to an app on your mobile device, allowing you the ability to control the lighting in your home whether you’re inside or not. If you opt for a voice-activated home speaker, you can even choose compatible lights and control them with voice commands.

Smart lights aren’t just innovative pieces of technology. They also help keep your home safe and secure by controlling the lighting in and around your home. In addition, smart lights can save homeowners money with their energy-efficient features. Many smart light bulbs offer advanced features such as dimming controls, color-changing LED bulbs, and speakers to play your favorite tunes.




Spice Up Your Home Remodel with Modern Light Fixtures

If you’re confused or overwhelmed by your lighting choices, don’t be afraid to ask the Jason Wright team for help! Our professional electricians are experienced and ready to help you make the right choices for lighting your home.

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