Home Appliance Upgrades to Consider for Energy Efficiency

February 3, 2023

What should you upgrade if you want to improve your Energy Efficiency?

Home appliances are a daily necessity for homeowners! But if these appliances haven’t been replaced in recent years, there’s a chance you could be throwing away money every month. Your water heater, washing machine, and refrigerator are necessary parts of your home — and these necessary parts are constantly consuming power. 

Did you know? Major appliances, including your water heater, are responsible for nearly 27% of your household’s total energy cost. Energy-efficient appliances have become increasingly popular due to their ability to save homeowners money on energy bills and reduce their environmental footprint. And today’s appliances include technological advances toward energy savings. 

Investing in newer, energy-efficient appliances can save more money in the long run. Let’s see why home appliance upgrades can help with your home’s energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Appliances

Reduces Home Expenses

One prominent reason homeowners upgrade to energy-efficient appliances is to save money on energy bills. Although newer appliances with eco-friendly options can be an investment, the potential for savings is significant.

Some newer appliances may save up to 20% on electricity bills each month. With increased savings, you can choose to spend money on other home remodeling projects, such as upgraded lighting or other electrical redesigns.


Environmentally Friendly

Reducing our environmental footprint is just another reason to consider upgrading your home to be more energy efficient. Eco-friendly appliances help to conserve resources, like natural gas, oil, coal, and water. Energy-efficient appliances are also proven to reduce household pollution and promote sustainability.

Saves Energy

Energy-efficient appliances are engineered to use a minimum amount of energy while still generating the power necessary to complete their tasks effectively. These devices reduce the strain on a home’s energy resources. 


Types of Energy-Efficient Appliances



Dishwashers are often overlooked as energy guzzlers, but they tend to use more energy than most homeowners realize. The older the dishwasher model, the more water and energy it will use. An energy-efficient dishwasher uses less water per wash cycle and takes less energy to heat the water. With an upgraded dishwasher, you can save on not only energy costs, but your water bill too! 

Washing Machine

Older washers can use quite a bit of water! Newer energy-efficient models tend to have a front load feature and use significantly less water, energy, and even detergent — So you can save on all three! 

Air Conditioner

Whether you are using a central air conditioner or a window unit, these high-energy appliances cost many homeowners a large sum of cash. An energy-efficient air conditioning system will ensure it doesn’t overwork itself, making it a great eco-friendly and wallet-friendly cooling option.


Like an air conditioning system, many homeowners spend a large chunk of their monthly energy bill on heating their house in Kansas City’s chilly months. It’s important to know, however, there are there different types of furnaces available on the market. Low-efficiency furnaces feature a continuous pilot light, and high-efficiency models have an electronic ignition and better management of heat storage and exchange. If your furnace is older than 15 years, it’s time to upgrade! 


The refrigerator is one of your home’s hardest-working appliances, typically making up more than 10% of a home’s energy usage. The newer energy-efficient refrigerators are designed to be more convenient to use while saving you money each month. With upgraded technology redesigns, it’s a great time to consider a new refrigerator!


Installing Energy Efficient Appliances

When you ensure your appliances are up-to-date and rated for efficiency, you can keep your energy bills low and your satisfaction high!

The Jason Wright team is here to help you install your new appliances. When you work with our team, you can rest assured you’ll know every detail of your electrical project is met with excellence from start to finish.

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