How to Find an Electrical Contractor for Your Home Remodel

September 8, 2022
Jason Wright - Owner with Service Van by a Lake | Jason Wright Electric

Planning a home remodel? You likely have lots on your mind, from reviewing interior decor choices to selecting contractors. There are many factors to keep in mind to find the perfect electrical contractor, whether for a residential or commercial project. 

Choosing a highly-qualified, service-oriented electrical company can ensure a successful project, as opposed to a poor quality service that will leave you stressed and pouring in more cash than you originally planned. How do you make sure you don’t pick a lemon? From doing your research to looking for true experts, there are several things you can do to ensure you make the best choice and enjoy a dream remodel. Let’s dive in.

What Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

Electrical contractors are responsible for powering our world — including the wide array of electrical needs in your home. Electrical contractors perform specialized electrical construction work related to your electrical system’s design, installation, and maintenance. Certified electrical contractors ensure electrical systems work effectively, safely, and in an environmentally-friendly way. 

Just consider a typical morning to understand why selecting the right electrical contractor is crucial. You wake up to an alarm, turn on the light switch, and start to get ready for the day. You power on the coffee maker as you drop a slice of bread in the toaster. You check to make sure your phone is fully charged. Blow dryers, hair tools, electric toothbrushes — and we haven’t even made it to 8 am yet! Every electrical feature in your home is crucial to your day. So don’t leave the choice of an electrical contractor to chance!

Home Electrician Qualifications

Although you can assume a certain level of experience and skill when an electrician shows you their state license, there is more to consider when selecting a master electrician. Look for an electrical contractor that has passed a standardized test, is OSHA certified, is licensed in your area, and has at least two years of experience. Not only are they aware of the National Electrical Code and any modifications that your state has made to it, but these qualifications also show a contractor’s capability, trustworthiness, and attention to safety. 

Choosing the Best Electrical Contractor

Now that you’ve researched your potential electrical contractors qualifications, it’s time to move on to this four-step checklist:

1. Gather recommendations and reviews

Ask trusted family, friends, peers, and other local professionals if they can recommend an electrical contractor they love. Most people will have an opinion on their experience, and their service may even be similar to what you’re looking to accomplish. Gathering reviews and testimonials will give you valuable information about quality, service, and overall experience. Another pro tip: Ask about repeat customers. Someone who loves their electrician will return time and time again, and that’s a great indicator of outstanding work and service. 

2. Research their scope of work

Once you have an idea of what electrical service you’d like to accomplish in your home or office, do comparative research between electrical contractors in your area. Take a look at each of their portfolios and check to confirm their work is high quality. 

In addition, be sure your electrician has a full grasp of your design aesthetic, your goals, your needs, and your design ideas. In other words, pick an electrical contractor who understands that you’re going for more than just functionality! It’s about more than functional lightbulbs and surge protectors. If you plan to sell down the road, you want the remodel to look phenomenal and add value to your home.

3. Ask questions

Your project is a significant investment. So before making your final decision, ask questions! Here are essential questions to ask when determining who is best for your project:

  • Who will be doing the work? Some electrical contracting companies employ multiple electricians. Ask about the experience of the electricians who will be working on your project. Never hire a company that won’t share this information. (Curious to see who may serve you from our staff? Meet the Jason Wright Electric team!)
  • Do you offer a workmanship warranty? Warranties are crucial because they cover the electricians’ work in case of defects or breakages. These warranties will vary in length. Avoid hiring pros who don’t guarantee their work.
  • Will you sign a not-to-exceed clause? Not-to-exceed clauses are put in place to ensure your project won’t surpass the initial budget without your consent.

4. Look beyond the lowest bidder

We get it: Saving money IS important. But defaulting to the lowest-priced electrical contractor can lead to countless headaches and end up costing more in the end. Sometimes, the lowest bidder simply isn’t the right choice for the job. And something that seems cheap today may add up to more tomorrow if corners are cut and you need to hire elsewhere for repair.

It’s also possible the lowest bidder may have misinterpreted your job details. If they cut corners and don’t build to code, it could end in a failed home inspection. It’s imperative to discuss each step with your electrical contractor and do the required research before making your choice.

Choose Jason Wright Electric

At Jason Wright Electric, we deliver exceptional, personalized service in the Kansas City metro area. When you work with our team, you can rest assured you’ll know every detail of your electrical project is met with excellence from start to finish. Our highly-qualified electricians strive to provide fearless personal service. 

With our mission at the core of everything we do, we’ve created a company that is proud of our roll-your-sleeves-up approach to electrical work. As your Electrical Concierge, we’re here to help you with your electrical needs. Contact us today for more information.